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Title: HD-Rec Sweeper sample formats
Post by: D00kie on May 13, 2018, 08:47:30 PM
Hi Amigans,

    I had started using HD-Rec about a year ago and I like the results. Originally I played the MIDI controller into MIDIin and recorded the Amiga output with the AHI Recorder and sequenced the parts with HD-Rec. This proved difficult for a number of reasons so I figured out how to use the HD-Rec Sweeper softsynth plugin for electronic sounds and pads. For "natural" instruments I still use the old method.

   What I would like to do is use Sweeper exclusively - it can trigger samples via MIDI in the same way as MIDIin, but any patch I create using "sample" or "reso sample" does not play correctly from Hd-Rec; it makes static noise only.

   Does the Sweeper expect samples to be in a specific format? I use stereo WAV samples at 44100Hz. Should I be loading mono samples? Should they be Raw format, and what bitrate?

   It would be a big help if I can get Sweeper to trigger the instrument samples because it would speed up the production and make it much easier to chop and change using MIDI instead of having to re-record entire tracks.

   Thanks all!

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Title: Re: HD-Rec Sweeper sample formats
Post by: D00kie on December 09, 2018, 07:52:40 PM
Hi all,

   I case anyone's curious, HD-Rec Sweeper allows seemingly any type of sample. I used a mono 44.1 Khz sample in the end. The trick was to map the sample in mappings. Mappings actually allow a series of samples at different pitches. I used the "Piano Steinway 1993" as an example - this uses four different samples of a piano at different pitches.
Title: Re: HD-Rec Sweeper sample formats
Post by: broadblues on December 19, 2018, 12:35:17 PM
The thing I find most limiting with sweaper is the lack of velocity sensitivty. By that I mean different samples at different volumes. I did try and adapt phonolith to be an HD-Rec pluging but whilst I've got sound coming out, it's glitchy and I ran out of time for the project. The design of phonloth conflicts at little with how you might have deisgned it from scratch as aplugin so I had to hack it arround abit. Might return to it later....
Title: Re: HD-Rec Sweeper sample formats
Post by: D00kie on December 19, 2018, 06:11:05 PM
Hi broadblues,

I use HD-REC with a velocity-sensitive MIDI controller and it records different volumes depending on the velocity but the maximum volume seems to be 77 (out of 127). I never quite figured out why, but coincidentally creating new notes by clicking on the piano roll with the mouse also makes a note at volume 77. I tested the same controller on GarageBand on a friend's Mac and it does go up to the maximum 127, so it's not a setting on the controller. I have a second keyboard which is not velocity-sensitive and HD-REC records 127 on every note.

It does seem there is a maximum or default velocity setting HD-REC, but I can't find it.