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AuthorTopic: Music: Fourth Psyria music album in planning # Online voting for reloaded tracks  (Read 1701 times)

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Offline Psyria

Dear Audience,

Moving On - The journey continues ...

After "The Last Obligation [EP] (2005)" and the following longplayer "The 2nd Chapter (2007)", the fans had to be patient for another 11 long years, until in 2018 the long awaited follow-up with the longplayer "Moving On".

For the fourth album, things are supposed to go a bit faster this time ;-).

According to current plans, it will contain new tracks as well as old tracks as reloaded versions.

You now have the choice!

Which tracks of the previous Psyria music albums would you like to have as a reloaded version?

I hereby cordially invite you to participate in the online voting. Nominate your (max. 5) favourite titles.

Voting ends on 19.05.21

Thank you for your support!


PSYRIA (Music Productions)
(Composer / Sound Design)
Check it out & get a taste of it !

Offline Psyria

Friendly reminder to my listeners & audience

Hi Dudes,

In my current online voting, I wanna ask you the following question(s) to vote for:

"Which tracks from Psyria's previous music albums would you like to hear again as a reloaded version(s)?"

You would like to take part in the voting, but you don't have the "sound" of the former titles in your ears anymore?
No problem! :)

Below is a "refresher" for your ears of all the previous titles that are available for selection! :)
(As limited time download)

The Last Obligation [EP]
[links no more availble]

The 2. Chapter [LP]
[[links no more availble]

Moving On [EP]
Moving On # Complete Trackplaylist @ Youtube

Voting ends on 19.05.2021.

The Stage Is Yours!

And always remember ...:
Without YOU - There Would Be No ME

Thank you!  :)

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PSYRIA (Music Productions)
(Composer / Sound Design)
Check it out & get a taste of it !