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AuthorTopic: Is there any way other than Spider to read flash drives on a classic Amiga?  (Read 1934 times)

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I have a Mediator, so I could read flash drives with a Spider
but my main Amiga is an OS 3.9 A4000D with an available Zorro slot.

Is there any way to read flash drives on the latter Amiga?

Offline TribbleSmasher

If you are lucky beyond belief you can try to find a Deneb card. Reserve a kidney as payment.

Offline QuikSanz

Or an Algor...

Offline Matt_H

Easiest option right now is probably an XSurf100 with a RapidRoad module - I think those are both still in good supply at a number of dealers. If you have another card that gives you a clockport you could get just the RapidRoad, although it won't be as fast. Bear in mind that there are two versions of the RapidRoad - one for clockports only and one for the XSurf100 or clockports.

Other options are Highway, Algor, Deneb, or Thylacine cards, but they're only available second-hand.

Offline kolla

There's also SD card drive for the parallel port... if SD cards count as "flash drive".
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