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AuthorTopic: Any Amiga users or user groups in Wisconsin or any immediately surrounding states?  (Read 3926 times)

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Offline SilvrDrgn

So, are there any Amiga users or user groups/gatherings in Wisconsin or and of its immediately surrounding states?

Offline SamuraiCrow

Sidewinder is in Coon Rapids, Minnesota....

Offline dannyp1

I'm in Midland, MI.  :)

Offline JamieK

Quote from: SilvrDrgn;836602
So, are there any Amiga users or user groups/gatherings in Wisconsin or and of its immediately surrounding states?

Hello Michael,

I am located in southern Wisconsin, and a small number of us have restarted
our old Janesville Area Amiga users Group (JAAG) of the past, as a simple
monthly get together we call, "Amiga Day".

We try to meet once a month, normally on the third Saturday of each month.
We have had a few "special guests" come through since we started holding
our "Amiga Day" events (Mostly people wanting to interview me for some
reason or another).

For example, this article written by John Wenz after his visit, has a picture
of our youngest member (19) working on his first Amiga machine, an A2000,
during one of our "Amiga Days".


We have a very good cross section of Classic and Modern machines that
we bring out to work on. Quite often these days are "project" days, either
testing new machines or trying to rebuild old ones.

Some buying and selling of hardware bits does happen from time to time,
but normally we just try to help get stuff running, etc.

Anyway, if you (or anyone else) are interested in attending one of these
simple "Amiga Day" events, feel free to contact me directly via email.

If we have enough interest we can take this to the next level and find
a larger venue to hold the meetings at.

Best Regards,


Offline SilvrDrgn


Thanks a lot for the responses, and sorry for my delayed response. :-) Good to know there's still people around my area of Milwaukee.

Reason I ask is because I'm thinking of selling the two systems I have 'cause I really don't use them any more, and would like them to go to someone who would appreciate them. I would also rather not ship them anywhere for fear of damage. Therefore, if anyone local wanted them, I would make a day or two trip out of it and deliver them personally. I recently asked on here what people would think they are worth. That's in this thread -


Anyway, if you or anyone you know may be interested, lemme know. And I may just have to take a trip somewhere. :-)