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Amiga Software Issues and Discussion / Re: RamseyConfig released!
« Last post by SpeedGeek on August 01, 2022, 03:34:36 PM »

RamseyConfig 1.5 released!

v1.5 Replaced A3000 bonus code test with Lisa test. In most cases,
hardware model detection should be more reliable than
software model detection.
General chat about Amiga topics / Re: Lets talk about A1222 - Tabor
« Last post by BozzerBigD on August 01, 2022, 02:21:20 PM »
Oh yeah, the support for the CPU in the X5000/40 is over as of May 2022 (over two months ago) even before it's on general release! Insane!
General chat about Amiga topics / Re: Lets talk about A1222 - Tabor
« Last post by BozzerBigD on August 01, 2022, 02:17:12 PM »
... and why can't AmigaKit bring themselves to bury the hatchet with Hyperion and continue to sell the X5000 with OEM AmigaOS license?
General chat about Amiga topics / Vintage Computer Festival West - Aug. 6-7, 2022
« Last post by RobertB on August 01, 2022, 10:25:38 AM »
     The Vintage Computer Festival West is almost here!  VCF West will be Aug. 6-7 at the Computer History Museum in Mountain View, California.  See


Here is a list of the presentations.  Note the Commodore presentations!

1. Ben Zotto  – Sphere 1: The First Modern Microcomputer
2. Bobby Livingston/Corey Cohen – Vintage Technology: Search, Identify, Authenticate
3. Berger Becky – DOOM 3DO: Or how I survived hell
4. Johan Grip – 128Neo
5. Byron Stout – Developing 8-bit Commodore programs using a modern IDE.
6. Bruno Marchon – Iconography of Early Apple Logos
7. Mike McGann – Adventures in Emulation (Commodore)
8. Leonard Tramiel – In Search Of … the original Wooden PET
9. Logan Greer – My Journey in Electronics
10. Lee Felsenstein – The Pennywhistle
11. John Floren – Reproduction Depraz mouse

     Below is the description of the C= presentations:


1:00 pm – Developing 8-bit Commodore programs using a modern IDE – Byron Stout

While you can still program directly on the original hardware, it sure is nice to have the conveniences of a software development environment running on a modern PC. Let’s use CBM PRG Studio to write BASIC and ML programs for our favorite 8-bit Commodore machines.

5:00 pm – In Search Of … The original wooden PET – Leonard Tramiel

The twisted story of the long and, ultimately, fruitful search for the original Wooden Pet.


2:00 pm 128Neo (Virtual – live) – Johan Grip

Johan Grip will talk about the Commodore 128 and the story of how repairing the first computer he owned went a bit astray. Topics covered by the talk includes PCB reverse engineering, silicon reverse engineering, tools and techniques and other things learned during the process.

3:30 pm – Adventures in Emulation – Mike McGann

Do you enjoy using emulators to tinker around with computers of the past? Have you ever wondered what it would take to develop an emulator yourself? In this talk, Mike McGann will detail his adventures taken, from start to finish, in building a rudimentary Commodore 64 (6502) and Pac-Man (Z80) emulator. Topics will include memory layout, CPU instructions, text-based graphics, basic sound, and plenty of implementation bloopers. A demonstration and Q&A session will follow the talk. No quarters required.

Here is a list of the record number of exhibits. Note the C=/Amiga exhibits!

Exhibit ID
Exhibit title
Name (first/last)

Acorn Computers and Teletext
David Glover-Aoki

Video-Sprite with TMS9918A card for Apple II & TM990/189 University Board
Jerome Calvo

2000s Apple computer
Jordan Q Hayes

The Compact Macintosh Garden
Steve Brunwasser

Acorn Econet
Steve Crozier

Silicon Graphics Presenter Presentation
Nicholas Bustamante

ReA4091 - Back to the SCSI
Stefan Reinauer

s100 bus and ieee 696 computers
Jay Cotton

Core Memory Interactive Core64
Andy Geppert

Early Apple Computer Iconography
Bruno Marchon

Vintage Circuit Board Recapping & Repair
Arion Paylo

VME Unix Systems
Rico Pajarola

Sun Diskless Workstations
Zachary Hardesty

From Kodak to Steve: The Journey of Digital Photography and Macintosh Clones of the 90s
Chris Satterfield

Prodigy Reloaded
Phillip Heller

BackBit simplifies retro computing!
Evie Salomon

Just A Collection Of Computers
adrian chadd

The Motorola 6809 MIcroprocessor: Let's TACOBOTt It
Steve Toner

Motorola 6800 Exorciser Development kits
Stanley Ruppert

British 1978 - 8080 Triton Home Computer Project rebuild : Original & Recreation
Ian Lockhart

CoCoVGA - Adapting 68xx Systems to VGA Displays
Brendan Donahe

Commodore PET progression 1977-1986
Charles Hutchins

Commodore 8-bit/Amiga computer exhibit
Robert Bernardo

Commodore 64 - 40 Years anniversary of the greatest home computer ever made
Joeri van Haren

Relay based Computers, the Sound of Computation
Francis Bauer

C64i - Commodore 64 improved
Francis Bernier

60 Years of DEC Linc
Ryan Schiff

Tele-Typin' Zone
Dustin Williams

Lyle Bickley

Heathkit H8/H9 Estate Sale Find and Resurrection
Cole Erskine

Tektronix 4054A Graphics Computer
Monty McGraw

Apple ll Rev. 7 & Apple-1 Replica
Logan Greer

Sun2, Sun3, 10BASE5 and 10BASE2 hardware
Robert Harker

IBM or Apple--Why Not Both?
Eric Schlaepfer

Apple & Early Computing
Jon Siefken

ROMulator and PETpix - new gadgets for old computers
Michael Hill

Radio Shack Micros and Cousins
David Henderson

Rare Computers From Japan
Duncan Mac Dougall

A Depraz Mouse Reproduction
John Floren

Multiprocessor Workstations From The 1980s
Steve Jones

The First Apple 1
Liza Loop

Overkil Classic Macs!
Ryan Gehret

Pen Based Computing
Tom Conrad

QWERTZ: German Computing
Erik Johnson

CA80 the first Polish trainer computer kit of the 80s
Kris Sekula

Friends of the Palo Alto Library (FOPAL)
David Cortesi

     See you at VCF West!
     Robert Bernardo
     Fresno Commodore User Group – http://www.dickestel.com/fcug.htm
     Southern California Commodore & Amiga Network – http://www.portcommodore.com/sccan
Amiga Gaming / Re: Huenison updated
« Last post by saimo on July 31, 2022, 12:07:33 PM »
Lately work has been done in parallel on all the RETREAM games. It began with the objective of aligning the technically similar ones for PC so that they would handle data saving the same way, but it soon went out of control and brought uniformity and improvements to the installers, the documentation, the web pages and even to code and internal files - and, just as importantly, it brought new features as well!

Free download: https://www.retream.com/Huenison / https://retream.itch.io/huenison

* Added field dark columns: the background is darkened, in an alternate columns fashion, by 50% in the first set of levels, by 25% in the second set of levels, by 0% in the third set of levels and by 75% in the last level (given that the columns match the virtual columns bricks descend along, they make for a precious visual aid to aim at the bricks).
* Added 20 points bonus for when CRUSH brick lands on the ground.
* Added function to use the RESTORE bonus to joypad (it had been forgotten!).
* Added internal graphics screenshot function (assigned to [F1]; the visible graphics are now captured with [F2]).
* Changed string requester so that entering an empty string means also "abort"/"reject" (depending on the context).
* Considered also D-pad input for "press any key/button" requests.
* Worked on online hiscores: improved/updated information texts; added possibility to retry up to 10 times if sending fails (in particular, when the email address registration has just been done, this makes it much easier to send the hiscores immediately thereafter).
* Slightly changed level names.
* Simplified data files access code.
* Made a few little optimizations.
* Replaced version string with an AmigaOS-style one.
* Added to Windows installer code to import previous savedata and clean up leftovers.
* Added Windows portable version.
* Updated manual.
Amiga community support ideas / AmigaOS 4 Monthly Roundup - July 2022
« Last post by AmigaOldskooler on July 31, 2022, 09:51:46 AM »
Hi everyone,

A new edition of the AmigaOS 4 Monthly Roundup has been released!

You can find here:


Hope you'll enjoy it!
Amiga Software Issues and Discussion / ADF files in OS3.2
« Last post by bradhansen1 on July 30, 2022, 10:58:46 PM »
Hi all, a couple of questions about ADF files. 1.Is there a way to edit the
startup sequence to automatically mount ADF files from Workbench? 2. How come when I mount ADF files in OS3.2 they are "Write Protected?"
Appreciate any feed back.
Brad Hansen

*Frist time in a couple of years I am surfing with iBrowse on my A1200.
Amiga Hardware Issues and discussion / Re: Amiga 3000T need help troubleshooting
« Last post by utukku on July 30, 2022, 02:36:11 PM »
I believe Chris has now fixed all of it for you now.
Amiga.org site announcements / Certificate not valid anymore
« Last post by zipper on July 30, 2022, 01:38:36 PM »
Ended today.
General chat about Amiga topics / Re: Lets talk about A1222 - Tabor
« Last post by BozzerBigD on July 30, 2022, 11:54:14 AM »

Great news! Such a shame that the availability of this product is like asking for birth control from behind the counter!! Push this thing A-EON!!! ::)
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