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Title: For sale: PowerMac G4 MDD - MorphOS compatible, pick up only.
Post by: AndyFC on November 11, 2021, 07:27:55 PM
I'm selling my PowerMac G4 MDD which I've had a couple of years to test MorphOS with. Reason for sale is that I was fortunate enough to get a G5 recently.


Full specs:

No mouse, keyboard etc, but any standard USB ones work.

The hard disk has OSX Tiger installed and I've been runing it with this and MorphOS dual-booting quite happily. I've removed the MorphOS HDD and transferred it to my other machine. I'd prefer to blank the disk before I sell it and allow the new owner to choose their OS.

In MacOS System information there is a POST warning for one of the 256MB Memory SIMMs but it also shows up as OK in another tab of the same app.

The unit is quite heavy - nearly 20KG, so would be expensive to ship, looking for local pick up only. I live in the West Midlands, UK.